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OUR Story

A couple years later, I'm hanging with neighbors, one of which was a waitress at The Border, and we start to get nostalgic about that place. She can sense my anguish and then I hear the magic words, "Well I have the Border salsa recipe if you'd like to play around with it." Oh man, I literally fell out of my chair with joy and after some major hugging she presented the recipe. It was like having the secret map to the Holy Grail for me and the excitement that I could finally taste that salsa again.


The first few attempts were frustrating as I tried to parse the original 50 gallon recipe down to a manageable batch. I tweaked and tweaked and after a few attempts, boom, I finally had the texture and flavor that I remembered, but with a few changes. Two gallons was still a lot of salsa so on "salsa say" I'd called my friends to bring over empty jars. Over the years it started gain cult like status I'd make it to keep up with the demand of my friends, and the friends-of-friends. Little did I know what was next!

My name is Chris Galiffa and I am known now as Daddy G. I was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia's Fan District and during my short college career in the early 80's, I fell in love with a local restaurant called The Texas-Wisconsin Border Cafe. They had this addictive salsa that I just couldn't get enough of.  I spent many days and nights over the years there chowing down salsa and chips, washing it down with an ice cold beer. It was the perfect, I mean perfect snack and I just could never get enough. The Border had a great run for many years but sadly closed in 1999. NOW what was I going to do without that salsa? Seriously, I was in total shock and disbelief thinking I may never taste that incredible stuff ever again. Or so I thought...








ROCKIN' SALSA is our original fresh Tex-Mex style salsa 

we’ve been crafting since 2001. The texture is consistent, giving you the same bold flavor of tomato, peppers, garlic, onions, herbs and spicy goodness in every bite. The fresh flavor will rock your tortilla chip world!


SMOKIN' SALSA is a chipolte version of our original Rockin' Salsa. Fresh jalapeño peppers are slowly roasted over mild sweet Applewood smoke until they practically melt. Infused into Rockin’ the result is a unique and mild smokey profile with a nice heat on the finish.






KICKIN' SALSA a super fresh verde. Jalapeño are cored and seeded so you get a nice bright flavor without the bitter heat. We then add tomatillos, onion, 

garlic, cilantro, spices, sea salt and a little lime juice for a nice little brineyness. It definitely has a nice little kick!



BITCHIN' SALSA is a mesquite fire-grilled salsa with the perfect balance of
habanero heat. Fresh tomatoes & peppers are roasted then mixed with scallions, cilantro & garlic to create a euphoric “slow burn” of delicious grilled flavor. 


BANGIN' SALSA is a huge mouthful of deliciousness from oven roasted fresh tomatillos, tomatoes, garlic, sweet onion, and various chiles. Combined with

scallions and fresh lime juice, Bangin’ is slightly chunky and packs a nice heat.


CHILLIN" QUESO BLANCO is a delicious and refreshing mild white cheese salsa that is creamy soft and ready to eat. Perfect for tailgating, camping, picnics or wherever you want to snack, CHILLIN’ requires NO heating and retains it’s creaminess all the time at any temperature. Just pop off the lid and dig in to the creamy goodness of CHILLIN’.

All DaddyG’s four fresh salsas are VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE with NO ADDED SUGARS and contain NO PRESERVATIVES and NO FILLERS. Organic ingredients used when available.

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Since 2013, DaddyG has been rockin‘ the tortilla chip world with fresh and unique handcrafted salsas. “The Official Salsa of Craft Beer Lovers”, pairs perfectly with all styles of delicious craft brews and are ideal to share with friends while hanging in the tap room. Check out our DaddyG Spot Map to find the brewery or specialty craft beer store near you OR follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find out how you can purchase at our live pop-up brewery appearances or festival events. #GetYourSnackOn
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